My Trip To Hong Kong - Day 2

This post is an update of my Hong Kong Trip day 2. If You missed the day 1 post, you can read it at My Trip To Hong Kong - Day 1 before reading this post.

I woke up around 8.20am, then wash up and get ready. We started our journey for the day at 9am. From our hotel in Yau Ma Tei (油麻地), we walked to the main road - Nathan Road (彌敦道). We had a Hong Kong Dim Sum Breakfast at Tou Heung Restaurant (稻香) in Jordan (佐敦) area. The Dim Sum there was just superb! We ate a lot there too.

After our breakfast, we went to settle and collect our Ocean Park day pass at a travel agency. Then we started our journey to the famous Avenue Of Stars (星光大道) which is situated in Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀). Along the way, we went into a boutique shop - Chapel. Then, we came across a shoes shop having discounts on all the shoes. Alan and I bought ourselves a pair of K-Swiss shoes.

Half way walking, suddenly William asked Matthew where is his "bazooka gun" (tripod for his camera), then only Matthew realize that he had left it at the boutique shop while trying out some clothes there. So, I accompanied Matthew back to the boutique shop to get the "bazooka gun".

When we reached the Avenue Of Stars (星光大道) was around 12pm. We spent our time there taking photos and playing around. At the same time enjoying the view of the scenery. Along the walkway, there were lots of Hong Kong celebrities palm-print and signatures on their stars. We spent our time looking at taking photos with the celebrities star. We also took pictures with the bronze statues there and with a Bruce Lee's bronze statue.

After that, we proceeded to Kowloon Public Pier (九龍公眾碼頭). We boarded on the Star Ferry (天星小輪) at the Star Ferry Pier (天星碼頭) to cross over to the other side - Hong Kong Island (香港島). Our purpose was to visit the Hong Kong Convention Center (香港會展中心) which is in Wan Chai (灣仔). The ferry ride cost us only HKD2.50 per trip, which was very cheap. No wonder many people prefer to board the ferry to cross the strait instead of subway, taxi or bus.

There were bus loads of Mainland tourists at the Hong Kong Convention Center (香港會展中心) which was quite annoying. We took picture at the Golden Bauhinia Square (金紫荊), which was a gift from China to Hong Kong when Hong Kong was returned to China. The air there was very cooling and breezing.

After that, we went back to Kowloon Peninsula (九龍半島) by Star Ferry at around 3pm. This time our mission is to EAT! We went to Harbour City (海港城) shopping area and stop by a restaurant called Sugar Dynasty (糖朝). I forgotten what I ate there but after that all of us shared a wooden pail of Tau Fu Fah. It was very delicious!

After eating, our shopping spree begins! We split into two groups. William, Matthew, Alan and me were in a group. Audi, Allen, Rock and Aerric the other group. We decided to split into groups in order to save time. My group went inside Harbour City (海港城), where there were plenty of branded stuffs like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana etc.

The 1st boutique store we stopped at was Zara. They had discount. After that, it was K-Swiss time for William and Matthew while Alan and me just followed. We went around searching but could not find the K-Swiss boutique shop. After asking the customer service, finally we found it. At first, only William and Matthew was looking for limited edition shoes but while I was looking around this gold and white limited edition shoe caught my attention. At first I didn't want to buy another shoe as I've already gotten a pair of K-Swiss shoes in the morning. End up I still bought it anyway and we were given 20% each for buying 3 shoes there. So, end up I bought 2 K-Swiss shoes in a day.

After that, we came to a ESPRIT Boutique at Miramar shopping Complex (美麗華購物中心)where there were sales and discount signs all over the store. Everyone was lost there, because of the super low price. We just take the clothes like nobody's business. I bought a few clothes for my mom, friends and for myself.

Then we had our dinner at McD. I ordered the prosperity burger set. It's totally different from the one you can get in Malaysia. Their service there was excellent too. Oh, they don't have the free refill service like we have in Malaysia. =)

Next stop was Temple Street (廟街). William and Alan wanted to print some Christian T-Shirts for people that's why we went there. We waited at the t-shirt printing store for quite a long time.

Then we went sight-seeing around Temple street night market. There were plenty of things to see there. For example: souvenirs, clothes, bags etc. What ever you can think of I think you can find it there.

We returned to our hotel at around 12.30am. My legs was so exhausted and pain after walking for the whole day since morning. Now who says guys can walk that long for shopping. End up I had to dip bought my feet in hot water while I was bathing before going to bed. It did help a little to relief the pain. After that it was time for bed. I was so tired.

Here is a summary of the time-line for our Day 2 journey in Hong Kong:

Yau Ma Tei (油麻地) -> Nathan Road (彌敦道) -> Tou Heung Restaurant (稻香) in Jordan (佐敦) -> Avenue Of Stars (星光大道), Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀) -> Kowloon Public Pier (九龍公眾碼頭), Star Ferry Pier (天星碼頭), to board on the Star Ferry (天星小輪) -> Hong Kong Island (香港島), Hong Kong Convention Center (香港會展中心), Wan Chai (灣仔) -> Star Ferry (天星小輪) -> Kowloon Peninsula (九龍半島) ->Sugar Dynasty (糖朝) -> Harbour City (海港城) -> Miramar shopping Complex (美麗華購物中心) -> Temple Street (廟街) -> Hotel.

Here are the day 2 photos:

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