My Trip To Hong Kong - Day 3

This will be the update on my day 3 Hong Kong trip. If you missed my day 1 and day 2 updates, you can read it at My Trip To Hong Kong - Day 1, My Trip To Hong Kong - Day 2 before reading this update.

The 3rd day was Ocean Park time. We had our breakfast at a local restaurant very close by our hotel. I had a bowl of chicken porridge. After breakfast, we went back to the hotel and boarded the bus which was provided by the agency we bought the tickets from to Ocean Park. We had the whole bus to ourselves.

Ocean Park is situated in Hong Kong Island, so we had to use the Cross-Harbour Tunnel (香港海底隧道). It was working hour that time, therefore we were stuck in a short jam. The traffic wardens were very systematic in handling the traffic at the toolgate. The traffic flowed smoothly after a short jam. The drivers there also drives in a very polite manner and they follow along and cooperate with the traffic wardens. Not like in Malaysia. No comments on that. =)

When we reached Ocean Park at Wong Hang Road (黃竹坑道), we saw the famous Police Academy which was frequently used Hong Kong police drama shows. It was situated right along the way.

Ocean Park was a pleasant experience with the nice scenery, animals, entertainment rides, roller-coasters and so on.

Firstly, we went to visit the giant panda habitat. There were 4 pandas there. This was my first time seeing pandas in live. Then we stop by to watch some acrobatic show.

After we took the cable car to the other side of the island. The scenery up there was just amazing. Next we visited the Pacific Pier. There were many seals and sea lions. You also get to feed them but you have to pay for the fishes.

After visiting the Pacific Pier, we went to the amusement part for some games. Then we started our journey for the rides. First we tried the Flying Swing. Next stop was the adrenaline pumping Dragon roller coaster. This was my first time sitting on a roller coaster and this one had 3 360 degree loops and it was nice. It wasn't that bad.

Next we tried the Crazy Galleon. This ride was quite fun a scary at the same time. When swing down time, you can feel like your heart is flying out. Then we went over to line up to try The Abyss Turbo Drop. We your hung up there, you can get a clear view of the whole place. This was one of the most adrenalin pumping ride there. When it drop down, you wont be able to scream at all. Your voice totally disapears. So no use screaming.

Next on list was the Ocean Theater to watch the dolphins and seals perform.

After that, we had our lunch there. Then we visited the Atoll Reff. There you get to see many different kinds of marine fish.

The last two rides we tried was the Space Wheel and the Mine Train. The Marine Train didn't look that scary but ended up being one of the scariest.

After Ocean Park, the bus dropped us at Aberdeen (香港仔), which is at Repulse Bay (淺水灣). There were many nice luxury boats parked at the harbour there. We took a sampan ride and had a tour around that place. We saw Jumbo (珍寶), the floating restaurant. The light is fully lit and it was beautiful. We didn't go up there but just toured around that area.

By then both of my feet was already hurting so badly from the constant walking and the main reason was also the shoe I was wearing. After that, we boarded a public bus to Hong Kong's famous SoHo, which was situated in Central (中環). By 7.30pm, it was already very dark. We stop by at the IFC Tower (國際金融公司塔) - the tallest building in Hong Kong.

We walked around SoHo area with many nice restaurants, bars and bistros. We were also finding a place to have our dinner. SoHo also holds the Guinness World Record for the Longest Escalator route in the world. We took escalator up and we had to walk down again. Can't imagine coming down those flights of stairs while already struggling to walk.

We couldn't find a place to eat, so William suggested Yung Kee Restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong (蘭桂坊) area to eat roasted goose. The food there was awesome and delicious. The meat was so juicy and the skin was crispy. We had a wonderful dinner there. Thanks to William because he partly treated us for this meal.

Shopping starts again after dinner around Central (中環). Nothing much to shop around SoHo, so we decided to return to Kowloon (九龍). We went to the famous Ladies' Market (女人街) at Tong Choi Street (通菜街). It's famous for selling fake branded stuffs and other stuffs too. So we boarded on the subway again and went to Mongkok (旺角). When we reached that place, that place was still so happening. Even though it's already 10.30pm at night, there were still lots of people there.

We walked until 12.30am, then we went back to hotel which is not far from the place.

Here is a summary of the time-line for our Day 3 journey in Hong Kong:

Yau Ma Tei (油麻地) -> Cross-Harbour Tunnel (香港海底隧道) -> Ocean Park at Wong Chuk Hang Road (黃竹坑道) in Hong Kong Island -> Aberdeen (香港仔), Repulse Bay (淺水灣) -> Central (中環) -> SoHo -> Lan Kwai Fong (蘭桂坊) -> Mongkok (旺角) -> Ladies' Market (女人街) at Tong Choi Street (通菜街) -> Hotel.

Here are the day 3 photos:

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