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Before I start blogging, let me introduce myself first. My name is Benjamin Tan a.k.a Ben The Drummer, living in a small island in Malaysia and I'm 20 this year (2008). By the way if you do not know where Malaysia is, click HERE.

I was born into a family of 5 - with an elder sister and an elder brother, so that makes me the youngest in the family. Being born into a family of musicians is... quite interesting and being exposed to music at a young age.

My dad is a so called singer and my mom plays the piano... she's also a piano teacher.

My sister plays the piano, violin, and flute marimba. She currently resides in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. For more info of her works, you can go over to As for my brother he plays the clarinet and the cello.

For myself, I play the DRUMS, guitar, and some singing. Yea I know some of you may be asking "isn't your mom a piano teacher? don't cha know how to play the piano?" HAHAHA... I've heard this sentence almost a MILLION times until I can guess what's the person going to say after asking me what music instruments do I play. LOL

Actually I enjoy playing the piano too but I'm not the kind of person that can sit down quietly playing and practicing. I'm the more Hyper Active type compared to my siblings, so my mom started to send me for drum lessons when I was 13.

I enjoyed my first lessons and I was saying in my mind "finally I got to play drums man, YEAH !" It was a dream come true for me because when I was young, I admired those drummers playing in church and I wanted to play drums as well.

So up till now, I have been playing drums for almost 8 years and I'm now playing in my church main service and the youth service. I also enjoy teaching others as well because in the same time I can improve on my playing.

Now to my Hyper Hyper side. I was involve in a lot of sports during my younger days until injury striked... both my hamstring ligaments was torn and I could not walk properly. Luckily both did not tear at the same time but it tore a week after the other.

During that time I though it was only some muscle pull and I did not do much about it and it recovered slowly. Soon after recovering, I tore my hamstrings again and this time it was serious - I heard a loud "POP"... straight away I knew I had torn my legs muscle again.

After consulting a doctor, I was asked to rest for 3 MONTHS and No sports!! No way man... off I go again after only 2 months =)... Luckily my hamstrings didn't burst again.

So after saying so much about the injury thing, those of you that do not know me will be wondering "what sports does this guy play?"...

Here is the list of sports I'm involve in and when I was involve in:
  1. Badminton- Age 4 - 14... Represented School
  2. Basketball- Age 8 - Now... Represented Country to JAPAN and won =)
  3. Table Tennis- Age 8 - Now... Represented State
  4. Athletics- Age 9 - 12... Represented School

Below is a picture of some of my medals.

By the way guys, this picture is not to show off ok. HAHA

So I still have not said which sports caused me to have my hamstring injury right?? It was during my basketball training. Had training 4 times a week and it happened when I was 14.

So you guys out there - always remember to warm up and do some stretching before any sports!... if not you might get injured as well. You wouldn't want to have any injuries right? So enjoy your game.

This is all I have to share about myself.

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See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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Alvina said...

Dude, I don't play flute anymore. That's ancient history. I still have my instrument though. I play the marimba now, hahaha, so I'm also a percussionist!!!

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