Congas - Latin Percussion Drumming Instruments

The most popular of the Latin Percussion drumming instruments are the Congas and Bongos. One of the common American dance forms that is based on Latin American rhythms is Salsa. Salsa has registered a steady growth and now dominates the airwaves in many countries in Latin America and other countries throughout the world.

These instruments have their roots from Cuba. Although, there is a theory that it can be traced back all the way to Africa. They are usually played with bare hands without any sticks and are also known as hand drums. However, it can also be played with sticks or Mallets.

The drum is usually made of wood and the drumhead used to be traditionally made of animal skin that is heated and well beaten. However in modern times, synthetic materials are used for drumheads, which can get the same sound tone.

Conga Drums are played in sets of two to four with the hands – usually the fingers and the palm. The basic strokes of congas are open tone, bass tone, muffed tone, slap and touch.

Congas have many manufacturers like LP, Meinl, Gon Bops, Remo, Toca and Tycoon. The more preferred and popular ones are LP Congas and Gon Bops Congas. You can purchase them from a retail drum shop like California Percussion LLC.

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