My Trip To Hong Kong - Day 1

Hi there, sorry for keeping you waiting for my long awaited update on my trip to Hong Kong. It's been almost 5 months since I came back from Hong Kong and now I'm gonna finally update you on my trip.

I'll be breaking down my trip to Hong Kong in days if not it will be a very long post. There will also be pictures for you to see.

I would also like to give credit to Alan in order for me to refer back to his post to update my trip to Hong Kong. It's already been 5 month since the trip and you can't expect me to remember everything in details. =)

This trip to Hong Kong was really a good deal compared to other times. It only cost around RM2200++ (around USD 611) including flight (through and flow), hotel (which was eventually upgraded FOC), and ticket to Ocean Park. Was that a good bargain or what?

Hong Kong Trip Day 1

I arrived at Penang International Airport at around 5.50am then boarded Cathay Pacific at 7.30am to KLIA around 8.00am. Waited in the airplane for around an hour for refueling and for passengers to board from KLIA. We also took pictures while waiting on the plane.

on the plane

While on the way to Hong Kong, I had a very bad headache on the plain and I was hungry at the same time. I think the headache was caused by my lack of enough sleep the previous days. I did took my breakfast that morning before going and on the first flight I ate two pieces of cake too. I don't know why so fast I was so hungry.

I should have ask for something to eat but I didn't. Of cause I myself was to be blamed for not asking. Lesson learned was it wouldn't hurt for asking. While lunch was served, I could barely eat because of the headache. I did try forcing myself to eat but I felt like vomiting so I just laid there to sleep without touching a small portion of my food. I didn't feel better until I step down from the plain at Hong Kong.

Some may say it's air sickness but I don't think so. It didn't happened to me during my previous trip a few years ago to Japan for my basketball competition, which was an 8 hours flight and to Macau 3 years ago for my church mission trip. =)

After arriving in Hong Kong International Airport at 1.15pm, my group of friends and I went to collect our luggages. We boarded a double-decker bus to our hotel which was situated in Yau Ma Tei (油麻地), Kowloon (九龍).

While we checked into the hotel, we were told that there weren't enough rooms so we got an upgrade FOC! After checking in to the hotel and putting our luggages in the rooms, we started our sight-seeing and shopping immediately in Kowloon (九龍).

We boarded the subway from Yau Ma Tei (油麻地) to Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣), which is on Hong Kong mainland across the sea. By that time I was still a bit blur caused by my headache on the flight. Look a me still being blur in the picture below.

Benjamin Tan

We arrived at Hong Kong Times Square in Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣) at 4.10pm. Immediately we went to the market area to eat. By then I was already dead hungry! We ate at this traditional shop which sells all kinds of roasted food. We ordered chicken and duck. The food there was very delicious.

Now our shopping journey begins. Firstly we went around the market area, which we saw a seafood stall selling live fishes which we seldom on don't get to see in Malaysia. The prawns was very HUGE too.

Soon we went to the shopping area to walk. We split into two groups. The first group (William, Audi, Rock, Allen and Aerric), went to G2 Black Label to shop. Matthew, Alan and me went over to Giordano Concepts Store to shop. The 3 of us bought some clothes there. I only bought a long sleeve shirt at Giordano Concepts Store. The other group also bought some clothes from G2 Black Label. Then we went to Sogo department store to walk.

By around 6.00pm, the sky is already dark. Can you imagine being able to see the moon around 2.30pm in the afternoon? Amazing!

We also tried some "Tong Shui" at this shop which sells many kinds of "Tong Shui", especially mangoes. The mangoes was just so sweet and delicious! After eating, we boarded the subway headed for Admiralty (金鐘). While we were walking to the bus station, we also took some pictures. We took pictures with the Bank Of China Tower as the background. It was so beautiful at night as it was lighted up at night.

The first thing we did as we reach the top of The Peak (山頂) was to put on our sweaters and jackets as the temperature there was 12 degrees celsius. It was really cold for us as we come from a country with temperatures of an average of 31 degrees celsius in the morning and an average of 25 degrees celsius at night.

We took many pictures up at The Peak (山頂). From up there, you can get a birds eye-view of the whole Hong Kong skyline during the night and it was just so gorgeous. All the buildings was lighted up. That was just an amazing experience. This is why Hong Kong people are so proud of The Peak (山頂).

After taking pictures, we went into The Peak's plaza. In there we visited the ESPN Sports Game Center. We also took photos with the wax-figure of Bruce Lee and Cecillia Cheung outside Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. We didn't go in because it was already closed by the time we reach there.

When we went out of The Peak's plaza, some guys went to get ice cream.

At 9.30pm, we had to board the last public bus down from The Peak (山頂). If not we will be left with a choice of taking a cab/taxi down. While on the way down to Central (中環), situated in Lan Kwai Fong (蘭桂坊), we had a short nap in the public bus. We were just so tired from the whole days walking.

This time around, we didn't stop by any places as we were all hungry. We just took pictures while walking to find for food.

William suggested that we go to Temple Street (廟街), which was in Jordan, Kowloon (九龍). We had our meal at the roadside, the traditional style of Hong Kong.

After our meal, we went sight-seeing around Temple Street (廟街). Before heading back to the hotel, some of them said they were hungry already, so they went to McDonald's to grab some food before going back to the hotel. We reached back at the hotel at 12.15am.

After bathing, I straight went to sleep because I was already so so tired.

Here is a summary of the time-line for our Day 1 journey in Hong Kong:

Penang International Airport -> KLIA -> Hong Kong International Airport -> CityView Hotel, Waterloo (窩打老道), Road Kowloon (九龍) -> Using Subway, Yau Ma Tei Stand (油麻地站) -> Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣) -> Admiralty (金鐘) -> The Peak (山頂) -> Central (中環) -> Lan Kwai Fong (蘭桂坊) -> Jordan -> Temple Street (廟街) -> CityView Hotel.

Here are day 1 photos for you to see:

What Next?

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James on June 21, 2009 at 5:30 PM said...

Hahaha, nice trip u have there. wish to go someday! u look super blur and moody, mostly because of the headache. lol Glad that u had fun! awesome!

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