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In-dept Forex Striker Review - Is This A SCAM?


Forex Striker Review

Forex Striker: The Next Big Thing Within The Forex World

Features at a glance:

1. Amazingly user friendly Forex robot

Seeing that it is a Forex robot and it has the capability to perform almost everything by itself, for that reason virtually anyone with or even without having Forex trading past experiences will be able to begin using this amazing software application. Those people having no experience concerning Forex trading is able to take advantage of the software to earn very high profits. The developers have made FX trading simple and easy for everybody. Even though it was supposed to be very simple already, but these fellas have tried to further simplified it a little more for the average man or woman. At this point with Forex Striker and a whole lot of Forex Striker reviews, now you can generate just as much as one can. Furthermore, you are able to make an investment well under $500-$1,000 in trading not to mention risk no more than 3% in accordance with their personal testings.

2. Forex Striker can even make decisions smartly

Without any doubt, this robot software has a great deal to present to its buyers. It is actually a lot more advanced in comparison with all other EAs in which we've already been making use of for some time, in the sense that the application has the ability to adjust the way how it works. That means, should the marketplace overall condition, trend or perhaps situation shifts, Forex Striker will be able to shift its operation method. The very individual does not have to implement anything at all instead it'll instantly develop a brand new approach in accordance with the "recent" market movement, and will begin functioning accordingly. In contrast to many other FX softwares which generally basically do well within a specific marketplace position, and once the trend changes or perhaps prices go up and down, they start losing all the investments. Additionally, a majority of these FX robots were found to be fine for repeating chores that do not effectively require any sort of decision taking or even doesn't require any kind of decisions. On the flip side, Forex Striker is absolutely not meant to work like this. It's not a basic robot designed to do just one and solely one task for anyone over and over again, in fact it has the proficiency to successfully adapt to the present marketplace situation, make a decision, choose a strategy and additionally execute it.

3. Opportunity to increase invested amount to as high as 9214% within a year

Right now here's the key characteristic. This unique software technology is able to grow your invested sum of money to as much as 9214% in a single year. This is definitely a huge benefit. Notably, this output seriously isn't imaginable or perhaps projected rather it's actually a tried, actual not to mention proven outcome. 9214% is actually a verified result which this unique Expert Advisor will probably present to practically all its owners in a single year. Fantastic!

This is essentially the most mentioned offers and it's also been discussed almost over just about every Forex blog and also discussion board. All of the Forex Striker reviews explicitly features the following area. And no doubt, this sort of high outcome is simply unequaled. The developers have spent 7 years to test out this automated robot, and it has actually been displaying precisely the same results time and time again during the course of all the testing stages.

4. Created by a team of Eight highly qualified, skilled and experienced developers

Forex Striker has been created by a reputable and well qualified team of eight completely different software developers. Seems fantastic! These software developers include Mike S., Stefan H. and Oleh Z and other individuals. All of the developers are generally very skilled and indeed, they're industry experts in their niche. Forex Megadroid, GPS Forex robot as well as FAP Turbo are a few several other softwares and programs which many of these developers have developed. So you can expect by far the most high-quality Forex robot from the industry experts. Furthermore they've implemented AI, D.N.A. research, aeronautics, multi thread processing as well as telemetrics to successfully put together this unique top of the range Forex robot software. This is definitely one other reason for its immense recognition that the software links to eight different industry experts.

5. The application moves with the marketing conditions

The application comes with the built-in capability to successfully move with the adjusting market conditions. Since Forex market in no way remains at a standstill, and continues updating each and every second, and so the perfect automated robot needs to work with the very marketplace appropriately. And Forex Striker does exactly the same. The application shifts with the most recent direction and keeps on increasing the profits.

6. Offered together with a real 60 days full money back guarantee

Not forgetting, Forex Striker will be presented along with a 60 days refund guarantee. Can any individual miss out on such an opportunity to actually get hands onto the latest Forex robot that's recommended along with 60 days cash back guarantee and even has the potential to increase your returns anywhere up to 9214% yearly? The developers are incredibly confident with Forex Striker that they will certainly refund all of your money in case you are not totally pleased with the results.

7. Simplified codes implemented

The developers surely have preserved the whole thing straightforward and even consistent by having all the codes in simplified form. And that means you could very well operate this software robot on virtually any computer system with nominal chances of hanging problems, crashes and ram memory overload concerns. Even if your computer or laptop lock-ups, all you have to actually do is install Forex Striker on some other pc and it will continue right from the point where it had been gone down - sophisticated is definitely the statement we use for this specific software robot. And so, it means that you can easily use the application on several laptops all together.

8. The only patented Forex robot software

Forex Striker is the only Forex trading robot in the history that has been patented with the USA Patent and Trademark Office. This really is by far the most featured aspects of this revolutionary software that's been pointed out in Forex Striker reviews and also on the official webpage of the robot software. In the event the approach or even the technology that's been used in the very invention has actually been patented, this means that there's something new within it. Surely, nobody would love to shell out large sum of money for patenting a technology or even product in the instance that it isn't really unique.

Forex Striker Review: Latest Performance

Forex Striker downsides:

1. It is in fact explained that just about 99% of the FX robots are generally scam, and also none of them actually give good results. Hence there usually are individuals who suspect or have views that Forex Striker without a doubt yet another scam. This is what people have to actually claim concerning it, however I must state here that you just simply cannot say a single thing with regards to a product until and should you try it.

2. The creators point out that this particular Forex robot will invariably present the same output to every single individual who makes use of it. This means this revolutionary Forex robot will be going to change the FX market indefinitely given that virtually anyone can purchase and then set it up on MT4 and can start earning money. This is definitely an issue that is very much criticized.


Pricing is one key element that can not be ignored, and therefore I'm sure you must be wanting to know as to what's the price tag on this state of the art Forex software. Well luckily it is available at $147. No recurring charges. So this seems to be an exceptionally fair deal. After all, there is absolutely no reason for rejecting such a good quality software robot for such a absolute price tag.

Forex Striker Review: In Conclusion

Among countless other Forex Striker reviews, the following evaluation is different as it has a lot to share with you apart from the same old many benefits and even pros of the actual product. As it is mentioned, "to just about every downside there's a corresponding advantage", hence the suggestion here is to keep to the features and benefits of this legendary Forex robot. A particular element is for certain, this is a really unique software application that guarantees to positively grow earnings considerably. Furthermore, it's got the potential to actually convert the investment into Seven figures within a week.

To sum it up, Forex Striker is certainly a revolutionary Forex robot that not one person wants to ignore. It's about time to change your current situation and to finally shine your future, which happens to be only practical if you will buy this revolutionary great Forex robot. Grab it now simply because you wouldn't want to miss this great advantage that will improve your financial position for a lifetime.

Click Here to Visit The Official Forex Striker Website Now

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In-dept Forex Striker Review - Is This A SCAM?SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Bugatti Veyron - Video Documentary Of One Of The World's Most Expensive Cars

I've previously blogged about Bugatti Veyron a few times here on my blog but today, this will be the most interesting post you're going to read/watch about the amazing Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti Veyron

Here I've found a National Geographic 4-part video documentary about the actual manufacturing process of Bugatti Veyron. The $1.7Million supercar is man-made, as you will see from the videos. Buggati Veyron is actually capable to produce an outstanding 1001 horsepower from the 8.-liter W16 quad-turbocharged engine. The max torque is 1250 Nm at 2200-5500 rpm.

In this particular 4-part video, the Bugatti Veyron is featured in an episode of Man-Made, going into excruciating indepth detail on precisely how the car was assembled, engineered and built as well as the obstacles its creators needed to overcome in order to achieve the Veyron’s 407km/h top speed mark.

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Bugatti Veyron - Video Documentary Of One Of The World's Most Expensive CarsSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

YouTube's New Page Layout - review with Screenshots

Today around 8AM EST (9PM Malaysian time), when I went over to YouTube to search for some videos, I encountered some problem with YouTube. I could not fast-forward nor rewind the video. I thought it was caused by some slow internet connection. But around 11AM EST (12AM Malaysian time), I noticed that the page layout of YouTube somehow looked different. The first thing I saw on the right hand side of the page was “Welcome to the new video page! You can take a quick tour of the page’s new features. Take the tour or dismiss”. Sorry I do not have a screenshot of it.

When I clicked to take a quick tour, a pop up pages appears with info. When I clicked again to proceed to the next page, an error message appeared. So I guess it's still not really ready yet.

Amazingly not much people knew about it and when I Googled for "YouTube's new page layout", there weren't any queries related to this issue. The closest I came across was YouTube's April Fool upside down video page. =)

So most probably YouTube has just rolled this new page layout to a selected group of accounts. I might be wrong about this.

Okay here's some screenshot.

Here's a full screenshot of the new page layout.
YouTube's New Page Layout

As you can see, there's still an option for you to switch back to the Old YouTube page layout.
Change back to the old YouTube layout page

Here you can see the account name, that account's other videos and the "Subscribe" button has been shifted to the left, above the video.
YouTube's New Page Layout

When you click on the account's other videos, it will expand in a drop-down with all of the videos from that particular account user. When you click on it again, it will minimize back to normal.
YouTube's New Layout

Here you'll notice that the video description and Statistics & Data has been moved below the video. When you click on them, it expands with more info.
YouTube views and statistics

Well, they've removed the star ratings and replaced it with “likes” and “dislikes” just like on Facebook. You can also save the video to your favorites, share on Twitter, Facebook or by Email. The video embed code was also moved over to that location.
YouTube's video ratings

For the comment section, basically it's still almost the same. It's just that only when you mouse over your mouse at the comment only will the "reply", "likes", "dislikes" and flag will appear.
YouTube comments

So basically that's all there is to YouTube's new page layout.

If you have any comments about this new page layout, do leave your comments below.
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YouTube's New Page Layout - review with ScreenshotsSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

How To Fold A Proven World-Record-Setting Paper Airplane

Takuo Toda holds the record for folding a proven world-record-setting paper airplane named "Sky King"

The record-setting paper airplane drifted for 27.9 seconds, 0.3 seconds longer than the previous world record for a paper plane.

This video from Wired Video demonstrates the build from start to finish. Watch it for yourself:

If you'd prefer a more barebones schematic, head over to the Wired page for a nice step-by-step in images.

It doesn't look all that impressive when Wired put the plane into flight, but it looks more like a matter of an unbalanced build than a flaw with the design.
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How To Fold A Proven World-Record-Setting Paper AirplaneSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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