15 Most Expensive Cars in the World

Hey guys, today I have a video on 15 of the worlds most expensive cars.

Can you believe this! The most expensive car in the world is the Maybach EXELERO - priced at $8 MILLION Euros!! That's crazy.

Just to let you guys know, Simon Cowell (American Idol's Judge) drives the 3rd car in the video - Bugatti Veyron, priced at $1.8 MILLION Euros !! If I'm not mistaken, it's the fastest car in the world. Not only that, he also used to drive the 10th car in the video - Rolls-Royce Phantom, priced at $330,700 Euros !! If you guys watched Iron Man, this car was in the movie too. =)

Enjoy watching!!

P.S: I also just noticed that the post for today will be my 50th post!! Yea I know it's not a big deal right? Anyway, thanks for dropping by and do come back for more interesting posts. If any of you want to write me a Comment, feel free to just shoot me a Comment. Thanks

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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