Bugatti Veyron... the Ultimate Car

Hey, how was the previous video on 15 Most Expensive Cars in the World? Did you like it or just so so? Or maybe you didn't even like it? As I didn't get any response from you guys, I don't know whether you have any comments about that video. If you have any, go over HERE to post your comments.

OK... enough of that said, I'm not sure why for this few days I'm so crazy about cars. Maybe you're wondering whether am I going to change a new car or some sort? No... I'm not. I just feel like talking about cars... Period...

Remember from the previous post, I said that Simon Cowell (American Idol's Judge) is now driving the Bugatti Veyron? I happened to come across this web site - stating that they had tuned a production car to be faster than the Bugatti Veyron. So, sad to say is Simon isn't driving the faster car in the world already =).

Today I have 2 more videos regarding the Bugatti Veyron showcasing the cars speed.

Here you go...

Bugatti Veyron VS Jet Fighter (CLOSE ONE)

Bugatti Veyron At Top Speed

P.S: If you have any feedbacks on the videos, please post it in the Comment box.

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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