Amazing G-Race Season 2

Hey guys, sorry for the late update on the Amazing G-Race Season 2, which was held on last last Saturday, 14th of June.

This year's Amazing G-Race was really fun and bravo to the organizers! They really did a great job for planning this year's Amazing G-Race. Thankfully it didn't rained like the previous races - The Spirit of Penang & Amazing G-Race Season 1.

As for me, last year for the Amazing G-Race Season 1, I was helping out so I didn't get to play last year. Helping out was also fun, but when you are playing, it's a whole different story altogether - you get to feel the adrenalin rush.

Here are some pictures on Amazing G-Race Season 1:

Ok... back to this year's race.

First, we started out at Penang Youth-Park at 9.00a.m. We had to go around Youth Park to take some pictures, then pick up 10 pieces of rubbish. After finishing the task, we had to go find the task leader. Then, we were given 20 eggs!! hahaha... Other teams were only given 10 eggs or 15 eggs, but our team received 20 eggs is because we took more then 45 pictures and the other team only took less then 45 pictures. So we got the extra 10 eggs as bonus. By the way, the eggs are used as points.

Ben The Drummer & Matthew HoMatthew & I at the Christian Cemetery

Ben The Drummer's Amazing G-Race Season 2 TeamTeam Photo Taken at Penang Youth-Park

Then, were given a goodies bag. Inside it consists of Twisties, Biscuits, a plastic cup with a transparent plastic bag, a calender pen, a box of drink and an envelope. On each of the things was a hidden alphabet for the on of the next task. I think some of the teams didn't even noticed the hidden alphabets.

For the next task, we had to solve the clue that was inside the envelope which was given to us earlier on. Guess what, the clue for the next stop is - "By using public buses, find your way to the Promised Land". We had to sacrifice 3 eggs to get the answer just because we were like, "is there any promise land in Youth-Park ar"?? LoL... we were so doink. It's actually MMC (Multi-Purpose Ministries Complex) - our church promise land for our new church building.

After the 1st task, we were already the last team because we had a really slow start. This is because there were some misunderstanding among 2 of our team members and our team leader haven't reach yet... you know who you are =). But... our team ROCKS !!!

So, after getting to answer for the "Promise Land", we quickly go to the nearest bus station which was a 10-15 minutes walk away. Lucky for me before the race started, I had taught of where is the nearest bus station from Penang Youth-Park.

While walking, I was like thinking to myself, "why isn't there any other teams walking on the road. We must be really left behind".

Ended up, we were the smarter ones. We went to the bus stop which was the nearest for us to walk to and 2 more teams went to the further one, which was at Midland 1 Stop. Then some other teams went to don't know what bus stop which was even further.

When the bus came, we went up to the bus and some people was staring at us because some of us were holding eggs in our hands. Later on when we reached the next bus station at Midlands 1 Stop, low and behold, we saw the other two teams waiting there and some of their faces was like "why is my team already on the bus"?? So during that time I was relieved because we caught up with the other teams.

During the bus journey to KOMTAR bus terminal station, almost the whole bus was full with our church youths. We were talking from the front of the bus till the end. It was like our own bus and others was staring at us more. LoL

Before reaching to KOMTAR, Matthew ask our team members to follow him because he knows the nearest shortest shortcut to the bus terminal station and which bus to take. So after we got down from the bus to cross the road, Chia Ming saw there was only 10 seconds left to cross the road, so we quickly ran across the road, trying to ditch the other 2 teams and not to let them follow us to use the shortcut.

Ended up we really ditched them and we quickly ran to the bus terminal station. Lucky for us we ran, if not we had missed the bus. Why do I say so? It's because when we reached the bus terminal, the bus was already leaving the station and we waived and stopped infront of the bus. Ended up we got up to the bus headed to the "Promise Land". This time we were also the smarter ones and what a good timing to get to stop the bus before it left. We also realy ditched the other 2 teams big time. (don't look at me as if I'm very evil ok =p)

While on the bus, Shaun was sitting beside me and he told me he noticed there were some alphabets hidden on the things in the goodies bag. So, I ask him to quickly check the rest and write down all the alphabets on a piece of paper.

Before we got down from the bus, I called E Joo - the task leader to inform her we were on our way for the next task. Her reaction was, "where are you guys now and which part?" During that time I didn't suspect anything, but after walking till the "Promise Land" there, we saw no one there yet. So I called the chief game master - Thomson Chee and he was also surprised that we were already there. So he ask us to wait for them to reached and he will give us some bonus for the time delay.

To our surprised, we were the first to reach there and even before the game committees. From last to first... SHOCKING!!

We waited for them there for around 10 minutes, then Vivien with Ivan arrived followed by Alan Por. Then we took some group pictures there. Vivien also gave me a piece of McD hash brown to eat. LoL... thanks Vivien. While taking picture, I received a phone call from the church office. It was Sis. Susie, and I was so called scolded because Kon Way forgot to returned the sanctuary keys to the office for the previous nights IGNITE practice. I was responsible to take the keys that day but was to busy to go collect it so I ask Kon Way to collect it. Don't worry Kon Way, I'm not blamming you.

Here are some pictures while waiting for the game master:

Random Group Photo While Waiting

Organized Group Photo

After taking the group picture, Vivien said that during the time I called her for fun at the 1st bus stop, one of the team was already waiting for the next bus to transit to the "Promise Land" at KOMTAR's bus terminal station. She was also surprised that we were so fast. hehe

After another 5 minutes, E Joo finally arrived and she asked us to go over to her place for the next task.

So as I have said earlier that we had written down all the alphabets on the things in the goodies bag, but we do not know what's the use for them till the next task. After finding out what's the next task, we only knew what are the alphabets for and we had not arranged it properly to unlock the coded padlock on a luggage bag which had all the eggs inside. We had to rearrange the alphabets.

Rearranging the alphabets

After we finished rearranging the alphabets to unlock the coded padlock, we went ahead to attempt. Each team has 3 attempts with with an exchange of an egg. On the 1st try, we unlock the code.

1st attempt and we opened the coded lock =)

After opening the coded lock, we were given 10 more eggs pluss another additional 15 eggs for keeping us waiting and delaying our time.

We were also given the next clue for our next task, which are alphabets printed randomly on a few pieces of paper. We were also asked to go take some pictures at the "Promise Land" (MMC) and pray for it.

Group photo on MMC land

This is where MMC will be build..on the Promise Land

After finishing the task, 2 more teams arrived together. (Yong Wei & Kenneth's Team)

Yong Wei & Kenneth's Team arrived at the same time

The next task for us is to go to is Cecil Street's market, but on the paper, it was printed Macallum Street. I think the other teams was also misslead. We had to walk another 15-20 minutes till we reached Macallum Street to find out that we were at the wrong place after calling Soak Kian - the task leader for the next task. So we had to walk another 10-15 minutes till we reached Cecil Street's market.

At there, each of the team members had to help wash a set of bowls and chopsticks from a hawker stall. A lot of the rest of the hawkers thought we were from what T.V station doing some documentary and were looking at us. LoL

Here are some pictures of our team members washing the bowls:

David (the youngest in out team) washing bowls

Kon Joe (brother of the cookie monster Kon Way) washing the bowls

Shir Hoay washing the bowls

Julia washing the bowls

Jia Ling washing the bowls

After we finished washing the bowls, we were timed at 12.40p.m, followed by 12.50p.m and 1.00p.m and so on. We were amazed that the time of the 2nd team was so close. Either the time keeper timed wrongly or they took a bus there. haha

We had to stay there for an hour to take our lunch before we are able to leave. If they didn't ask us to stay there for an hour for our lunch break, I think most of the teams will just skipped their lunch except Kon Way (2 years ago he was last because he was eating at KFC) LoL... no offense yea.

Matthew having the famous Indian noodles for lunch

We had to solve the puzzle before we could leave, so 15 minutes before the our 1 hour time break, we gathered to solve the clue but we couldn't solve it. So in exchange, we gave 2 eggs to the task leader for the clue. The clue was to put 1 piece of the alphabets paper into the transparent folder and trace the outline of the alphabets followed by the rest. We manage to hold up all the pieces of paper facing the sunlight to find out solve the puzzle but it was harder then using the transparent folder. During that time, Kon Joe broke an egg. That's not a big deal because we had around 40 over eggs. =)

The answer to the puzzle was to ask us to - "Find a person who sell goldfish and greet him".

Before we left, we had to go back to the task leader again and during that time, it was only 12.50p.m and the second team was long gone. That means the task leader had mistakenly approved them to leaved before their time were up.

We argued with the task leader but for what argue with him. We are just wasting more time, so we quickly proceed to the next task which was to go back to Hunza church.

Here we go again, having to walk to KOMTAR's bus terminal station which was another 10-15 minutes walk. Now the problem is not many buses will cross our area. Either you wait for the right bus and then have a shorter walk or you have to get down at a further place and have a longer walk.

As we reached there, we just went straight to one of the buses and ask the bus driver whether can he drop us somewhere near the place we want to get down and they say can can can... no problem. Actually they wont be passing by there but he agreed to change his route in order to pass our place. The funny part was they didn't wait till the bus was full only leaving, but after we paid and went up, they started to move. Very unusual of them but praise the Lord. Throughly God's favour was upon us .

While on the bus, we were a bit worried and skeptical that he would just drop us somewhere else. Maybe during that time God was asking us to just trust Him.

At the end, the bus didn't droped us at the place we wanted to get down which was Lam Wah Ee Hospital. He dropped us at this corner near to the Batu Lanchang Petronas petrol station. It's already good enough for us to get down at the place which we have to just walk for an extra 10 minutes compared to our desired place. We were very grateful.

When we got down of the bus, an uncle stim stim followed us down the bus and it's not the stop where he wanted to get down. Ended up Chia Ming and Edward had to help him get on another bus to go to his intended place which was a 10-15 minutes drive away.

I think that God has planned for the bus driver to drop us at a different place and test us whether we will help the old man. Now you know how wonderfull God does things and sometimes we wont even understant them and why it happened. Maybe God is asking us to just give thanks and be grateful that he have already arrange everything properly for us during that day.

After helping that uncle, we walk for another 10 minutes before reaching Hunza. This time I had to call Lai Kwan the next task leader before reaching. When we reached Hunza, we had to use the alphabetic codes from the previous task and rearange them again in order to open the padlock. At the end, we had to trade in 1 egg to get a clue because one of the clue that was supposed to be on the things in the goodies bag wasn't there.

After opening the padlock, the next task was to drink 3 litres of water from the vending machine outside Victory Cafe. So Lai Kwan gave us 80cents and we inserted it in and we drank more then 3 litres because we lost count of how many litres we had drink. At the end, we wanted to just drink finnish the rest but ended up the vanding machine was out of water already, so we just let it be. Later on other teams was just given 60 cents. I think when the other teams reached time, it was refilled again. LoL

Here are some pictures:

Matthew filling up the bag for drinking the water

Shaun gulping down the water

After the drinking task, we were ask to go find Thompson (Chief game master) at the back of Hunza. He asked us to take out all of our eggs and count and we had 40 eggs but because of Matthew doing some silly stuff, one egg was taken away so now we were left with only 39 eggs. (don't ask me how I got 39 eggs from the culculations above k)

Now we had to think of an idea to catch the eggs which was being dropped from the floors above and catch it on ground floor. For the 1st floor is 2 points, 2nd floor is 4 points, 3rd floor is 6 points and 4th floor is 8 points. It was up to us to decide which floor we wanted to drop the eggs from.

We started from 2nd floor first then 3rd and then 4th floor. Most of our eggs was dropped from the 4th floor which was the last floor. We had 39 eggs to play with and we manage to catch 38 of the eggs and only broke 1!!! That's called skill ok (yea I know some of you guys will be saying stop blowing your own horn!) I have forgotten who was the one asking me how many eggs we had and after he/she said their amount, I said ours and they were also shocked of the amount of eggs we had. HAHA

OK... I know some of you guys will be asking, what method did we use to catch the eggs right? We used the disposal rain coat which was provided and we made it into something like a catching mat and in between we had a few more disposal rain coats which we did not pull in order to absorb the fall. We also folded a piece of cloth and placed it on top so that the eggs will not slipped away and end up on the floor and it was also used to reduce the momentum of the fall.

The rest of the teams also used our idea but they did not really know the secret behind it. LoL... come ask me and I'll reveal it to you. =)

Some residents staying at the flat behind was also looking out to see what was all the excitement was about.

Here are some pictures:

Us catching the eggs

Shir Hoay dropping the eggs from the 2nd floor

Edmund & Shaun dropping the eggs from the 4th floor (last floor)

After catching the eggs, we had to find E Joo again for our last task - quiz time. She asked us to remove our belonging which we didn't want to get them wet (shoes, mobile phone, camera, etc).

We were ask to answer 10 questions. If we answered wrongly, E Joo will blow the whistler and something will be flying/pouring down which was only water. That's not all. We had to also hold an egg in between our eggs but must be above our knees.

Here are the pictures:

Listening to the quiz

Getting ready being bombed

All of us are wet

The water bombers

Other team getting bombarded

After our turn, Thomson gave each 3 water balloons to throw at other teams. But, I was given around 15 balloons... shhh!! So we got to bomb others too. At the end, all of the members from the 6 teams was wet. Even the water bombers and including E Joo. Thomson was the one that bombed her. =)

After all the teams had finish playing, we had to help clean up the place and pick up the balloons pieces. We had to use water jets to clear up the eggs that was splated on the floor.

Then, for those that brought clothes went to change their clothes. Later on we gathered at the church new lot.

At there we had testomonial time and group photo session.

Stylo milo... our team leader (Chia Ming) giving testimony

We are the CHAMPIONS !!!

Full group picture

For more pictures, go over to:

PFAOG Youth Photo Album

Melvins Photo Album

I think not only me that has learned something from this race, but others too learned something from this race.

This is all I have to say regarding the Amazing G-Race Season 2.

P.S: Sorry for the extremely long post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my teams journey and experience during the Amazing G-Race Season 2.

P.P.S: If you guys have something to say regarding this post, just leave your Comments. Or if you liked this post, write me a Comment that you liked it.=)

P.P.P.S: Those that are from Penang and did not signed up for it this year, make sure you sign up for next year's Amazing G-Race Season 3 if we are having it again. I'll inform you guys again for Season 3.

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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