My Answer To What's Wrong with This Three FREAKING lines?!!

Hey guys do you still remember my post on What's Wrong with This Three FREAKING Lines? Seems like nobody wanted to have a go at guessing what's the answer for the three lines I'm referring to.

LoL you guys don't like guessing things or you guys don't like a reward? Haha

For the 1st line I already gave u a hint. So if you don't get it... I have nothing to say. The 1st line is obviously the internet connection line (Streamyx). Yeah I know many of you using Streamyx are facing the same problem. Many complaints have been made but all their replies are all the same. That's because they have too many complains till they prepared a reply email template to auto-reply to this same problem.

After so many complains, there is still no action taken to improve it. We are just wasting money paying for the Hi-Speed Broadband connection but it's as slow as a dial-up. I heard that some of their servers are down but up till now they still haven't repaired it. Up till this moment it's still lagging like Sh**!

The 2nd line is - electric cable line. For the month of January, I can't recall how many times in a week there is power shortage! Just imagine it can happen twice in a day. Amazing!

The longest time it took them to troubleshoot the problem was I think around 2 to 3 hours. Maybe more, I cant really recall. For the whole February this incident didn't happened, so problem solved. =)

Okay now I shall reveal to you the answer for the 3rd line. It's Maxis line (Mobile Line Provider) . So how bad is it? I can say it's really bad. I can't make calls out or receive calls. And when I send a sms, the other person doesn't receive it until half an hour or 1 hour later. Same prob for me while receiving sms from people.

I think I better stop here if not I'll start rambling an essay here. That's all for now.

Stay tune for my coming updates.

Take care and God Bless!

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