What's Wrong with This Three FREAKING Lines?!!

Okay okay I know you're wondering what are the three lines I'm talking about.

Actually I wanted to make a rant on this post but Melvin said my blog is getting kinda boring so I decided to let you guess the answers.

The first hint I think you should know what is it already. That's why this blog is so so quiet this couple of days.

I'll just leave the remaining two for you to guess what is it. So, leave your answer at the comment box. The person that can guess the other two answers will be rewarded. Ahahaha... Terms and conditions apply.

By the way, Carmen you're not allowed to participate in this. You already know the answer or are you too blur not to know the answer. LoL

Update: Read about the answer at My Answer To What's Wrong with This Three FREAKING lines?!!

What Next?

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