Ben The Drummer's First Drum Cover

Hey guy, how are you doing? This post just came out from the blue and it's not on My List Of Things To Update. I'm very excited to inform you that I just had my first drum cover up on YouTube!

I was not aware that my friend - Alan would upload this recording of me playing during the praise & worship for the youth service in my church. After seeing him recording me, I was thinking "Great, now I get to see myself playing on the drums!" What I only knew was that he was just testing out some stuff. At around 1am that night (14/2/09), BAMM! I see my video clip up on YouTube and it was on his blog. I was shocked at first, but it was nice seeing myself playing. =)

Actually this is not the first time I see myself playing on the drums, but this is the first time it's recorded with a video cam, not a crappy video cam from the handphone.

A few months back at September before we had our last I.G.NITE! for the year 2008, I planned to record the whole praise & worship session, but too bad, until the last minute we could not find a video cam to record it. By the way it was also the bands' guitarists' last time playing with the band because he leaving for US to further his studies. I was really disappointed and it was a waste because the music for that night was awesome!! I had never played at that level before and the band was really on form and on fire for God. I was really sad as well because that was the last time playing with Ivan.

Okay, back to the video. The title of the song is - 'Til I See You from Hillsong United.

I have to say in the beginning, I was a bit blur because I forgot that I was suppose to start. My bad. Oh yea the tempo sped up a bit before going into the 2nd verse. And way back almost at the end of the song I made a mistake. I don't know why for one part Alan record my K-Swiss shoes. Hahaha... Check it out for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed watching it. So what do you think about my first drum cover? Does it suck or was it just so so, average or very good?

I need a favor from you guys to go over to my video on Youtube to leave you comments and rank the video as well or you can also leave your comments on my blog. Why not do both. I'll really appreciate your comments and feedbacks.

Oh yea I almost forgot to show you guys a few comments that was left on Alan's blog.

Comments From My 1st Drum Cover on Alan's Blog(Click to enlarge)

Hope you enjoyed this post and the video.

P/S. Don't forget to go over to my youtube video to leave you comments and rank the video as well or leave your comments on my blog. You can do both if you want to. All comments and feedbacks are very much appreciated. It can either be good or bad I don't mind. I just wanna have some feedback from you.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead of you.

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