Update on My Birthday

Update NoteBefore I start updating you about what I did on my birthday, I want to thank those that wished me in one way or the other.

Here they are:
1. Melissa Tan
2. Aaron
3. Chia Ming
4. Alan (thanks for the gift)
5. Ben Teoh
6. Ivan Neoh (sms me all the way from Australia)
7. Jeremy Tan (my brother)
8. Gladys
9. Darren & Jolene (thanks for the gift)
10. Alfonso
11. Abel
12. Alarize
13. Pastor Ee Pheng (thanks for the gifts)
14. Eunice
15. Amy
16. Vivien
(thanks for the gift)
17. Vincent
18. Veryn
(thanks for the gift)
19. Melvin Teoh
20. Carmen Chuah
21. Renee
22. Denise
23. Joseph Lau
24. Kon Way
25. Jeremy Teh
26. Jimmy Quah
(thanks for the gift)
27. Joo Sing
28. Alvina Tan (my sis, thanks for the E-Card)
29. Michelle Tan
30. Phaik Yong
31. Jarold Tan
(thanks for the gift)
32. William Tan
(thanks for the gift)

*The names listed above are written randomly so no favoritism ok. =)

So, what did I do on my birthday? Nothing much actually. On the night before, I went out with Darren and hang out at Segafredo from 10pm till around 3am only go home. Then, Alfonso came to join me later on after his meeting.

This will be a nice one. I spent the whole day of my birthday SLEEPING. After that at night went to church. Then, went for supper with some friends.

On the day after, went to watch a late night movie - The Dark Knight with a small group of my friends. (Darren, Jolene, Jarold, Jerome and Vivien)

So, this is all of the "happening" things I did on my birthday, especially on the day of my birthday. LoL

P.S: Thanks again to those that wished me!

See Ya & God Bless

- Ben The Drummer

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Alvina said...

Thanks for putting me on your "thank you" list. Hope you liked the e-card. American Greetings membership costs money, so I'm not cheap okay? I joined so that I could send you a really cool card. I could have easily gotten a free e-card somewhere else but I chose not to. I actually did think about sending you something via snail-mail, but it wouldn't reach you on time.

Benjamin Tan on July 19, 2008 at 10:15 AM said...

LoL...you are welcome.

Wow...of all animals, you choose to use a pig to read out the card to me.

Btw, I didn't say that you're cheap also. haha

Sending me something by snail-mail is also ok. I wont mind if it arrives late.

Alvina said...

Well, I thought the pig was cute! :) :) :) Would you rather I chose a frog or a rabbit? :P Just think about cute little pigs like in "Babe" or "Charlotte's Web".

Anyway, I was just hoping that you'd at least send me an email of acknowledgment after you had gotten the e-card.

Speaking of which, I have absolutely no idea if Ma received the birthday card I snail-mailed her last month. Maybe you should find out for me.

P.S. I sent you a text message on your birthday last year (after we had talked on the phone). I don't even know if you received it.

Benjamin Tan on July 20, 2008 at 12:47 AM said...

Hahaha...there is only 3 animals to choose from?

Actually I just wanted to send you an email but since you said so already ,so no need la.

I think she received it. Eh how come you ask me ar? Go ask her yourself la. hahah

Last year did I talked on the phone with you before my birthday? Can't recall it. How bout the sms, I also can't recall lo. So long already.

Yea la, I know you sure say I bo sim one la. LoL

Alvina said...

There were more than just 3 animals, which by the way, I can't be sure if they were frogs or rabbits – I was just making stuff up. I think there was also a baby and an old lady.

Ma called me this morning, and she confirmed that she got the card. She said she's been busy because her students' piano exams are coming up soon.

Yeah, I talked to you on the phone last year, on July 15th (Sunday morning for me, midnight or so for you). Ma called me to talk and she said you wanted to ask me something about international bank transaction (you know...)

Anyway, I actually still have the text message that I sent you last year on my phone (under Sent Messages). Somehow I haven't deleted it yet :P

Nice chatting with you :)

Benjamin Tan on July 20, 2008 at 3:38 PM said...


I think so la. If you say have ma have lo. haha

I just remembered that I talked on the phone asking you about the details for international bank transactions but I can't recall that it was somewhere near that date.

LoL...amazing u still keeping the msg.

Eh write to me by Email la. Not in here.

Ivan N said...

Ben ben, I din noe my name oso there...Haha...
Ya la, see i how gud...Lol...
Sms u from so far...Haha...
Joking lerr...
Have a nice day!

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