McLaren F1 vs 3 Mercedes Sports Cars

I just came across this cool video and I thought of sharing with you.

In this video, you will see the sheer power a Formula 1 car. Normal street racing cars nor even tuned up racing cars can compete with them. Yeah, even the Bugatti Veyron can't compete with the Formula 1 cars.

My favourite F1 team is - Ferrari. So why am I putting this video about the F1 McLaren Mercedes car but not Ferrari? It's because there are no such videos like the one you'll be watching. BUT... I'm still a Ferrari fan!

Ok here is the video....

P.S: Before I go, is there any F1 fans reading this? If yes, use the comment box to tell me which is your favourite F1 team.

P.P.S: Just wondering are there any GIRL F1 fans? I would like to know who are you too. If there's none, I'll assume that girl are just not into F1. Come on... I'm sure you want to prove me wrong right! LoL

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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