5 Simple Steps to be More Organized and to Maximize Your Time

Time = MoneyAs you may know, one of the most important thing in our life is - our TIME !!

You may have also heard this phrase before - "Time = Money $$$$".

So how can you be more organized and maximize your precious time?

Here are 5 simple steps for achieving an organized routine to put your time to the best possible use.

1. Be Wary Of Getting Diverted

Most of time we get thrown off track by a distraction, it is not an emergency and usually something we can put off until a later time. If you find this happening to you, set yourself an alarm to go off every 20-30 minutes. Every time it sounds, make sure you are doing what you originally planned, if not get back on track. Always set the alarm to go off again to keep you in check.

2. Make A To-Do List

The most efficient way to do this is to make a list the evening before of the things you have to achieve the next day. Prioritize your list with the most important things at the top. When you sit down at your desk, start at the top and finish each task before moving on.

3. Check Off Items As You Complete Them

Make sure you are crossing off your list as you go. This will give a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated to finish your list.

4. Confirm Your Appointments

Always call before leaving for an appointment. There is nothing worse than wasting time waiting for a client to show up when you could have spent the extra time working on your list.

*If you're still studying, this still applies to you, but just in a different manner.

5. Do A Final Check

At the end of the day, review your list and assess how many items you have crossed off. If you have a few not completed move them to the top of the next day's list. If there were lots not completed but you stuck to your plan all day/evening then you have too many things on your list. You will get an idea of what you can accomplish in your allotted time and then make your list to reflect this.

I hope this helps you get more use for your time.

P.S: If you have any thoughts in your mind about this topic, feel free to share with others here. =)


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