Birthday Girl Alvina In Da House!!

Alvina Tan
Hey, Happy Birthday to you !!
Today is your birthday, but tomorrow is only your birthday... LoL
Don't forget that you're in America and I'm not.

How long already ar didn't see you already?? I think around 5years??
When you only want to come back huh?? haha

After becoming a famous world class musician must remember me yea ! haha

Enjoy yourself there and all the best in your undertakings.

God Bless you & take care !!

P.S: By the way, she's my sister. =)

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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Alvina said...

Punk! You remembered :)

Yes, it's nice to have a birthday that lasts for 37 hours (24 hours plus the 13-hour difference between Malaysia and Wisconsin).

The last time I was home was in 2004, so that makes it almost 4 years, not 5. Maybe you and Ko should come here to visit. We'll travel around the States together till I go broke.

By the way, don't forget to do something nice for Mother's Day. I don't want Ma to complain to me on the phone.

Benjamin Tan on May 11, 2008 at 11:49 PM said...

Haha. Must know la I still remember.

I can't remember how long ago you came back. You should know better. =)

You want to pay for us to go find you?? hahah... I think while travelling with you, ko and me will go broke first before you.

Haha... sure sure do something nice for Mom... If she did not complain on the phone means we did something nice. LoL

Alvina said...

So, I just got off the phone with Ma. She didn't complain about anything, because (according to her) she was "too tired to complain". Did you actually do anything nice for her??

Anyway, I told Ma that I asked the two of you to come visit. She asked me if I was willing to pay for your airfare. I said that I think I can pay for your international flight but I won't be able to pay for any domestic flights within the US because I need to also pay for my own travel expenses. I guess the hard part is not $$, but getting a tourist visa to enter the US.

So, if you do come here, I'm just curious as to where you would like to visit. Any ideas? Even though you may never get to come here in a long, long time, you can still dream, at the very least :)

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