Blogging Sites

Here is a short list of some good blogging sites.

1) Blogger/Blogspot

2) Wordpress or

3) Xanga

4) Weebly

5) TypePad

6) Google Page Creator

For those that already have their blog up and running can just continue to use them, unless you want to register for any of the rest to play around.=)

For those that still do not have a blog but wants to start blogging, you can go around testing which one suites you the most. But what I suggest for beginners to use is Blogger, because it's very easy to use.

But for those that likes to customize their blog to their own liking, go ahead and try Weebly. You will be amaze how far you can go to create the blog to your own likings. In the beginning it will be a little complicated, but after playing around for a while, you'll get used to it.

Wordpress is also very good, but be prepared for the more complicated set-up. =)

For Xanga, I've never tried it before so nothing much to say about it. But if you have any experience using Xanga, feel free to leave your comments about it.

For TypePad, you have to pay for it, so it's out for me. Hehe... but they offer a 14 days trial, why not just get the trial and play around with it. =)

Google Page Creator is part of Google's services. So you just need to have a account with Google then you can start using it. I haven't really played around with it yet, so not much to say.

P.S: Hope you learned something here. Pour in your comments if you have any. =)

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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