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Hi guys, I've not been doing any happening stuff lately so nothing much to update. Have been doing my usual stuff.

Did you guys notice any difference about my blog?? I just did some make over on my blog and the most obvious one is the Labels part. Now it looks like a cloud tag. I had to customize the HTML a bit to change it to this form. What's interesting is when under that certain topic, the words on that particular label will increase in size. You can go check it out yourself la. Lazy to explain here.

Oh yea, I also eliminated the navigational toolbar =). This bar was just hanging there and was no use to me, so I just took it away la. I also add the recent comments widget la, so when anytime someone writes a comment, it will appear there. You can get the widget by clicking the Add This Widget To your Blog button.

There are also some other things I changed and added onto my blog. You can go check it out for yourself. This will be the first part of the makeover process. There's more to go.

What will be the next part of the makeover process I shall keep it a secret first. You will notice yourself la if you pay attention to my blog. LOL

P.S: Can you guy let me know what do you think about this makeover in the comment box. I would like to know whether it sucks, average or good or anything that you guys feel.

What Next?

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meL on April 4, 2008 at 10:40 PM said...

unfortunately,i just discovered that u do have a blog.

gladz on April 7, 2008 at 5:16 PM said...

WOW,i din noe the most perasan drummer has a blog lo... n i oso din noe he is a computer geek... hehe >.<

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