Taking A Rest

Hey guys, today I'll take a rest on the computer memory posts.

Happens that some people like it and some doesn't. HAHA....so what say you ??

What an intro that Jim (Joo Tatt) did for me on his blog at tattx-bottledstories.blogspot.com. Lol...can't blame him for doing so because he's always like this la. But thanks anyway for spreading my blog.

The first Ignite for 2008 is coming and I'm still like out of form to play. MAN !! I seriously need some prayer. Have been playing non stop for quite a while already. The record for me playing non-stop is for 2 straight months. Just imagine playing for Sun Service for 2 months but different services la. And I still didn't count those time playing for bible study, prayer meeting and for Ignite Service yet.

What's amazing part is one of the church member came to me and say "Wah you're playing tomorrow again ar ?" when i was practicing. Haha... Even church member noticed I have been playing for so many weeks. Just imagine Pastor Marcus will be thinking in his head "Why is this guy playing on Sun non-stop for the different services?"

Hey, by the way I'm not complaining la but people do get dry one k. Sometimes we need to refill also one ma right.

It's time for us to train up more new musicians because we are really lacking of musicians. It's so obvious that the generations after us is like totally no new musicians except for the girls lo. What happened to the guys !!?? Wake up Man !! It's time to rise up and and to serve God.

Soon I'll be having drum lessons for those that are interested. So those that are interested come give me your names. Details will be given to you soon but I'm planning to train those that already know how to play drums. A separate class for those that are new to drums will be open also, but I have to arrange the time for it. So fear not. =) Btw, it's very taxing one, because I do have my own things to do and I'm not the very free type of person one k.

So this is the end of my rantings. Did anyone closed the page before finishing it?? LOL....if you've had closed the page you wont be reading this part of my post already right. HAHA

P.S: Before you go, can you guys write in my comment box to let me know what you think about the Computer posts ok. =)

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Rize on April 2, 2008 at 3:20 PM said...

Hello Ben!
Just realised you have a blog!
It's nice reading your blog especially the ones regarding computers =0
So I have problems with my laptop I find you la? Lolx
That's all for now.
Take care & God Bless You!

joosing ur gf said...

Hi ben ben bennn
omg!! i just knew it from tatt tatt...CAn i take ur essay for my assignment?? Ur essay very good la....full of information...i think i can get distinction...Kam siah Chu i found ur blog..hahaha...and u linked me !!
so happy...wei please go n put chat box la...

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