Susan Boyle - Overnight Stardom from Britains Got Talent 2009

This is crazy! While I was watching the news, they showed a video of Susan Boyle singing on Britains Got Talent. Next I see my dad watching this on Youtube. What a BUZZ this is. This person's name - Susan Boyle from Blackburn, Scotland, keeps popping up on news, blogs and on Youtube.

Can you believe that one of the video has over 12 Million views from only a few days. If you add up all the videos relating to her, I believe there will be around 20 Millions views! This event just happened recently on April 11 2009 and overnight, Susan Boyle is famous all around the world.

Now she even has a fan site at, which you can check out all the buzz going around there.

Still don't know what I'm talking about, watch the video below.

I couldn't find a way to embed the video on this page because all the embedding was disabled by request. Don't worry, just click on the link and it will open in a new tab/window. Just remember to come back to my blog to finish reading the rest of the post. =)

After watching this video, what do you think? What I can say is "Never judge a book by its cover". That's what many of us do. Just look at the face and reactions of the judges - Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. They were totally stunned. Even the crowd was wowed by Susan Boyle's singing.

She Even got interviewed by news stations. Watch this video of Susan Boyle being interviewed by BBC Reporting Scotland of her feelings about the reaction to her amazing performance on Britains Got Talent.

That's all for the BUZZ.

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