5 Tips to Become More Successful in Your Work

I just received an E-Mail about this 5 key tips how Gary Carson, the founder of SFI, has used to get to the top. Some of this you will have heard before but if you read all the 5 tips and put them to use they will make an impact on your daily life.

This 5 tips doesn't only apply to working people but it can also be applied by those that are still studying.

So, what are the 5 tips? Here you go...

1. Post Your Goals Where You Can See Them.

Review them on a weekly, if not daily basis. That way all your focus and activity is geared towards accomplishing what you really want in life. If you set your goals and never look at them again you may end up doing things that do not move you in the right direction.

2. Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.

On a daily basis prioritize what is most important. Every evening make a list of every thing you need to achieve the next day. Then prioritize your list so that you are working on the items that will help you achieve your goals.

Assign time slots for each task and do not let things like emails and other interruptions get into your way.

3. Learn From Those Before You.

Just remember that you do not have to invent ways to get new people to look at your business or work. Make sure you ask your senior for help, if you get no help then ask the next person above them. They should be able to show you what is working for them and the things you can do to achieve results.

4. Expand Your Own Knowledge.

Take time every day to learn something that will move you forward in your life. Whether it is listening to an audio product or reading a book. The compounded effect over time will create massive results in your life long term. If you read on 10 minutes a day for an entire year, you will have learned more about improving your life than the average person will in their adult life. This slight edge will make all the difference to creating your own success.

5. Dream Big

A life worth living is a life worth fighting for your dreams. If you do not dream how, do you know what you are working so hard to chase down. When you come to the end of your life I bet you will feel much more at ease knowing you gave yourself every chance to lived your dream life. Never let anyone steal your dreams!

Hope this was usefull to you.=)

See Ya & God Bless

- Ben The Drummer

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