My Reply To Mel - Why UseFirefox vs Internet Explorer

Hi Melvin, sorry for the late reply regarding your questions from my chat box.

Referring to questions 1...

Melvin's Question
My answer...
I use Firefox to compare with Internet Explorer is because the majority of people are using Internet Explorer.

Yes I know Internet Explorer suck (for now).

I didn't compare it with other browsers is because there are not that many people using Opera, Safari, Maxthon or some other browsers.

For those that are using Opera and Safari... good for them as these two browsers are considered one the fastest. For Maxthon, i have no experience with it. What I know about it is that it uses Internet Explorer's rendering engine and it's only more popular in China.

Referring to question 2...

Melvin's 2nd Question
My answer...
Yes that's true that Internet Explorer still has the most users compared to other web browsers. This is because Internet Explorer is installed along with Microsoft Windows. Unless you're using Mac or Linux.

So this are my reply to your 2 questions. I hope you're satisfied with them. =)

P.S: If you guys have anything to say about my reply, please leave your Comments for me to read.

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

*Update: Reviews On Web Browsers I Personally Use

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