YouTube's New Page Layout - review with Screenshots

Today around 8AM EST (9PM Malaysian time), when I went over to YouTube to search for some videos, I encountered some problem with YouTube. I could not fast-forward nor rewind the video. I thought it was caused by some slow internet connection. But around 11AM EST (12AM Malaysian time), I noticed that the page layout of YouTube somehow looked different. The first thing I saw on the right hand side of the page was “Welcome to the new video page! You can take a quick tour of the page’s new features. Take the tour or dismiss”. Sorry I do not have a screenshot of it.

When I clicked to take a quick tour, a pop up pages appears with info. When I clicked again to proceed to the next page, an error message appeared. So I guess it's still not really ready yet.

Amazingly not much people knew about it and when I Googled for "YouTube's new page layout", there weren't any queries related to this issue. The closest I came across was YouTube's April Fool upside down video page. =)

So most probably YouTube has just rolled this new page layout to a selected group of accounts. I might be wrong about this.

Okay here's some screenshot.

Here's a full screenshot of the new page layout.
YouTube's New Page Layout

As you can see, there's still an option for you to switch back to the Old YouTube page layout.
Change back to the old YouTube layout page

Here you can see the account name, that account's other videos and the "Subscribe" button has been shifted to the left, above the video.
YouTube's New Page Layout

When you click on the account's other videos, it will expand in a drop-down with all of the videos from that particular account user. When you click on it again, it will minimize back to normal.
YouTube's New Layout

Here you'll notice that the video description and Statistics & Data has been moved below the video. When you click on them, it expands with more info.
YouTube views and statistics

Well, they've removed the star ratings and replaced it with “likes” and “dislikes” just like on Facebook. You can also save the video to your favorites, share on Twitter, Facebook or by Email. The video embed code was also moved over to that location.
YouTube's video ratings

For the comment section, basically it's still almost the same. It's just that only when you mouse over your mouse at the comment only will the "reply", "likes", "dislikes" and flag will appear.
YouTube comments

So basically that's all there is to YouTube's new page layout.

If you have any comments about this new page layout, do leave your comments below.

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