How To Crack a Master Combination Padlock With a Beer Can

Have you ever set a master combination for you padlock and happens that you forgot what was you password? Does it sound familiar to you? I bet it does for some of you.

It can be very troublesome when you need to use the padlock again or worse still that you need to get things out from your school's locker. What can you do to open it? Are you going to call a "padlock hacker" to crack the code for you which would take them days to crack that 64,000-possible-combinations lock. That's just insane. A better choice would be - just cut the padlock apart. Ouch!

I have a better solution for you. I found this video tutorial teaching you how you can crack open your padlock in a matter of time with just a beer can shim and save your padlock. Check out the video below.

Here's another video.

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