How to reopen last closed tab in Firefox

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab in Firefox you didn't intended to? So how do you reopen it? You can use some Firefox Add-ons. Another way you can reopen a closed tab is by looking for the website you want in the History page, but it's quite time consuming.

Today I'm going to share with you a trick to reopen closed tabs in Firefox without using any Add-ons. You might have heard of this trick before but some might not, so just bare with me. =)

If you accidentally close a tab, you just need to press "Ctrl + Shift + T". And the last closed tab will be reopened in your Firefox.

Give it a try now. Open a new tab, close the tab and press "Ctrl + Shift + T" to see whether it works for you. Cool isn't it?

P.S: If you have any better ways, you can share it in the comment box. It can be by using any Add-ons or without. Hopefully you can have a short review of the benefits of the Add-ons you're using to reopen closed tabs.

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