Are you having troubles learning Christian Songs on the guitar?

A few week ago while I was preparing for the 3rd I.G.NITE!, I came across this guitar blog that you can check it out at

Just from the name you should know what's this blog about right? Hahaha...

Why on earth am I checking out on guitar blogs if I'm only playing the drums?? I like to play the guitar too ok. While I was on Youtube searching for drum covers, I bumped into a guitar video on the song I was looking for. So I just watch the video and in the video they put their blogs name in it. That's how I came across their blog.

You might have came across this blog before. But if not, just go check it out. They have really good info stuff inside - electric guitar tab, bass tab, links to other Christian bands website and other guitar sites.

So if you do play the guitar or like playing the guitar, this blog will be a good help for you. So just go ahead to and check it out.

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