3rd I.G.NITE! For The Year 2008 - Into GOD'S Nite

Do you still remember how was the 2nd I.G.NITE! for this year? It was really a POWER PACK night! For those that was not there, don't worry because you're still able to attend our I.G.NITE! service again. =)

The whole congregation was jumping and praising The Lord during the praise & worship. God's presence was ever real during the 2nd I.G.NITE!. I believe those that were there during that night felt the strong presence of God too.

2 months has passed just in a blink of an eye and the 3rd I.G.NITE! for this year is on its way! The last I.G.NITE! was on 21th of July 2008. All the memories from that special night. It was just so AMAZING!

I have some pictures for you to check out. It really brings back the momories.

So When and Where Will The 3rd I.G.NITE! Be Held?

Date: 16th August 2008 (Saturday)

Location: 1st Floor, Hunza Complex, Greenlane Heights, Jalan Gangsa, Island Park.

Cost: FREE!!!

Visit IGNITE-Youth's Blog at : PF-IgniteYouth.blogspot.com

Here is a map for those that do not know where the place is.

Map to Penang First Ignite-Youth(click the image for a larger view)

Please help to spread the word around about this coming I.G.NITE! You are welcome to invite as many friends as you like. It's FREE anyway. =)

Hope to see you there during this Saturday, 16th August 2008 for the 3rd I.G.NITE! of this year! Lets have some fun together and be in the presence of God again.

Penang First I.G.NITE! ServiceSee Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

Update on 3rd I.G.NITE! For The Year 2008 - Into GOD'S Nite

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