Im Back from Church Camp at Cameron Highlands Equatorial Hotel

Hi guys, sorry for the late update on the Church Camp at Cameron Highlands Equatorial Hotel.

I was already back on the 6th of June, but after coming back, I had a slight fever for a few days. Maybe it was because I had not enough sleep and the sudden change of temperature.

After my fever, I was quite busy with a lot of stuffs. Such as clearing up my room from those unwanted junk, such as - souvenirs, worldly songs Cd's and a lot more. I had also deleted all of the worldly songs in my phone.

This camp was really a wonderful camp and I learned a lot of things from the speaker.

For me as a musician at church, we have to really be aware of the songs we listen to. We must not only be aware of the worldly songs, but also Christian songs. This is because even if the Christian band are Christians, but you do not now how they lead their daily live, and when they are on stage, they will project out the wrong spirit to the congregations.

One of the story told by the speaker was, one of her friend which was also a Pastor, that went for a Christian rock concert and while the band was performing, her friend saw demons dancing and laughing at the Christian band. Just imagine even at a Christian band concert, there are demons there. That was really creepy!!!

After the camp, I saw a lot of people's live change. Not only those that went for this camp, but also those that heard the testimonies of others. Some have thrown away their whole stack of anime collection worth a few thousand. Some of them stopped playing those evil computer games such as dota. Lucky for me I'm not a computer game freak.=)

Here are some pictures taken during the Church Camp:

Cameron Highlands BOH Tea PlantationView of The BOH' Tea Plantation

Cameron Highlands BOH Tea FactoryBOH' Tea Station

Having some BOH TeaEnjoying the BOH' Tea

Group Picture at BOH Tea StationGroup Picture at BOH' Tea Factory

Penang First AOG Church Camp at Cameron Highlands Youth Group PhotoThe Youth Group Picture

To see more pictures, you can go over to Jim's photo album:

Photo Album 1

Photo Album 2

That's all of the pictures I have for now. I'll upload the rest when I get them.=)

P.S: Those that did not go for the camp, you can buy the recordings from the church.

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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