I'm Back from Hillsong United Live Concert in Malaysia 2008

Hi guys, sorry for the late update on Hillsong United's Live concert. Was quite busy this few days.

Firstly in the morning, quite a lot of things happened. Was supposed to help Darren fetch some people to Hunza, manatau the car can't start. Just because my mom didn't change the gear back to "P" when she parked, and I didn't noticed. Then I had to use my own car. Low and behold - my car door wasn't locked and it was outside. So after going in the car, I noticed my car was ransacked ler. Happens that the previous day one of my neighbour was almost robbed by two guys on a motorbike and during the morning, another neighbour was also almost robbed. So conclussion - the two guys might have broke into my car.

We left Hunza at around 7.30am and we stopped at a few stops. We reached PJ around 12.30pm, then we went to 1-Utama for lunch and some shopping. Didn't bought anything except eating la. Actually during the journey, we were just eating, watching movie and talking in the bus. =)

Here are some photos:

Ben The Drummer in Dunkin Donuts ShopPosing in Dunkin Donuts

Vietnamese RestaurantLunch at some Vietnamese Restaurant

After hanging out at 1-Utama, we left there at 4.15pm then we left for Glad Tidings Church PJ. We reached there at 4.45pm!! So early... and the concert starts at 8pm. We reached there so early because we thought the traffic will be very heavy around after works time. Ended up there wasn't any traffic jam.

We had to wait there around 2hours before we lined up to go in and we had a huge crowd. While waiting, some of us eat again, some talking and some resting and having a nap. During that time, we could also hear them practising. =)

Ben The Drummer & friends at Hillsong United Live ConcertA small group of us posing

Group Picture at Hillsong United Live Concert
Having group photo

Hillsong United Live Concert crowdThe crowd waiting to go in

After waiting for so long, we got to go in to the auditorium and it was huge!! Soon, they started with their trademark opening. It was amazing!! Everyone was jumping and raising their hand.

After the praise songs, Joel Houston started to talked, and he said: they (Hillsong band) is not here to only put on a show or a concert but they are here to reach out and spread the word. And they were here to have praise & worship together with us.

Then they started the first worship song. I forgotten what was the song, but what I remembered was tears kept running and the Love of GOD was so wonderful.

Hillsong United Live ConcertYeah..concert time !!

Hosanna - this isn't Brooke Fraser. She wasn't there. =)

For more pictures, go over to Melvin's Photo Album.

After the concert, we then went to wash our face and change clothes because we were all sweating. Then, we went to the bus and the journey back to Penang started again.

This time, the bus driver was speeding back to Penang while we were sleeping. The bus was shaking quite heavily but most of the people in the bus was sleeping like a pig. hehehe

We reached back to Penang around 5.00am. It only took us 4 1/2 hours to reached back to Penang compared to the 5 1/2 hours going there. LoL

So thats all I have to say for the one day trip. Btw, sorry for the long post. =)

P.S: If you have anything to add in, just leave your Comments.

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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Alvina said...

I hope nothing (or at least nothing valuable) was stolen from your car.

Benjamin Tan on June 1, 2008 at 6:47 PM said...

Nah...nothing was stolen from my car. Nothing for them to take also inside my car. =)

Larissa on September 23, 2008 at 7:24 AM said...

Hi! I'm Brasilian. i don't Know speak English... Suas fotos( Your photo)são muito legais !(nice)..
Is just this.
Bye bye!!
eu sou do Brazil!!que sorte você tem de ver o show do hillsong!

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