HELP!!! I'm Having Songs Overload!!!

Sorry guys for not updating this blog for some time.

I will not disappoint you guys for the coming days because I've some really interesting topics and stuffs to share with you all, so do come back to check for my updates.

As you're read my title "HELP!!! I'm Having Songs Overload!!!", I'm really am being overloaded with songs in my head. This is because this Saturday is I.G.NITE! and I've been learning 7 songs within 2 weeks.

Normally I'll just roughly get the drum beats and just play my own way for any new songs, but for this time special a bit ma, it's I.G.NITE!, so I planned to learned up the songs almost exactly the way the songs are played. By the way I wont play 100% the same as of the disc la but can be very close to 100% already la. What you expect ??

So ended up for the past 2 weeks I was busy with my work and busy with learning the new songs that's why didn't really update my blog.

So how do I feel when I'm having songs overload ?? It feels like my brain is going to blow up and can't take in anymore new songs because can't go in already. LOL

Let me put "songs overload" into a perspective for you.

Let's say you're of average height and weight for your age.(growing up stage)

Suddenly you decided to eat everything you possibly can. Why? Because you were afraid of missing some important nutrient in your diet.

So you indiscriminately decided to eat everything you could lay your hands on "just in case" there was some nutrient in there that could help make you healthier.

So that's the same case la so after this I.G.NITE!, I'll be going on a "Songs Diet". to rest my brain... LOL

I'm taking in WAY TOO MUCH information and I'm OVERLOADING. It's just like when you eat too much you GAIN "WEIGHT".

So do you understand how do I feel now or how does it feel to be in this situation.

This is all I have to say for now... I wan't to go and sleep already because tomorrow morning have practice again at 9 a.m so see you guys tomorrow during I.G.NITE.

P.S: If you guys have been in this kind of situation before, feel free to let me know what was your reaction to it or anything la regarding this post. =)

See Ya & God Bless !!

- Ben The Drummer

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