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Hey guys, for this coming few days I'll be posting about computer memory. So enjoy reading.

How often do you guys have this thought of getting a new computer because it was running too slow? You should add more computer memory before thinking of getting a new one.

If you have a computer then you should know a little bit about it - like how to install more computer memory when necessary. If you don't know if your computer is lacking of memory, there are a few different websites that you can go to in order to find out whether or not your computer system needs more computer memory or not. Once you have checked, then you will then need to decide whether to install it yourself or have someone else install it for you.

Don't make the mistake that some people make and decide to go for a new computer because your old one has started to perform at a very slow, dragging pace. Just because your computer is operating slowly does not mean that there is any reason at all to replace the entire system. Normally all this means is that your computer system needs more computer memory, that's all. Period

To just get a new computer systems is too expensive and it's so unnecessary, so make sure to check and see if your computer system just needs more computer memory before you decide to do that.

You can click on your taskbar, choosing the task manager, then go to the performance tab, looking under cpu usage and physical memory available. Another way is by going to My Computer, then right click on the local disk and click on properties. By going through this process, you should be able to see if your computer is lacking memory.

The other reasons causing your computer to run slowly is because of spyware. This occurs when you are surfing the internet and spyware is lurking all over the internet. It is very important that you purchase a good and trusted anti spyware removal software to help in preventing spyware from infecting your computer system and causing it to process information so very slowly.

You can get some of this softwares for no cost at all (FREE Yay). Just get on the internet and do some researching, but make sure you know what you are looking for, so that you do not end up with the wrong type of software.

For me I personally use a few on my computer, such as Spyware Terminator and AVG Anti Spyware. Another good one is Spyware Doctor but for the free version, it's not worth it to waste so much space for it. Just go with Spyware Terminator is good enough. (Click HERE to get the downloads) I'll write more about Spyware some other time, so come back to my blog regularly to check for updates yea.

Remember no matter what, create a back up for all of your programs and files on your computer system just in case your computer system ever does crash. You do not want to have your important files such as images or assignments go missing away. It is so very important to remember that, for your convenience later on.

Knowing whether or not your computer needs more computer memory will save you so much money in the long run. Never jump straight into conclusions when trying to determine what is going on with your computer, it could be something little and if you are careless, you may end up trashing a perfectly good computer system for no reason at all. Why not give it to me. I'll be glad to receive it. =)

So guys, have you learned some useful stuff from this post? I might have just save you thousands of dollars. Stay tune for more post on Computer Memory.

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