Being A Listener

It is amazing how much you can learn about a person with some careful listening.

It can be the person's problems or anything else that others failed to listen to and the person with problems ended up with no help. It's goes the same as in our daily life. We tend to talk more then we listen and ended up asking back the other person " When did you say this? or Did you say this before? ".

Arguments or misunderstandings also happens when someone fails to listen properly.

There is a question we need to ask ourselves: In many of our sharing efforts, do people fail to listen to us because we have not first listened to them?

So if next time when some one doesn't listen to you, you have to recall back whether have you not listen to him when he's talking.

Sometimes it's very annoying when you're talking to this person and this person is doing his things. You will feel that don't know whether did this person heard what I just said. You feel very angry also right because this person has not shown you respect and you feel like just shouting or choking that person. =)

And sometimes there are people that just jumps into answering what you have said before you had even finished talking what you're trying to say and ended up they give you solution or answers that are totally out of topic or not related because they did not listen finish what you're saying. What a waste of time because you have to repeat it to the other person again. So let others finish talking before you give them an answer because this will save both persons time. =)

Most of us also reject people who won't listen to us - because we feel rejected by them.

You can not to agree with what the person is saying or their way of doing things but you must accept them as they are. Don't because that you don't agree with them and you ended up stop listening and respecting them because the other person might have their own problems that's why they are acting weirdly.

Listening is not an enduring quality, but it is a seeking quality that we have to learn slowly.

The quality of listening is also very important when we're trying to reach out to those non believers. This happens when you're trying to reach out to them when they are facing problems but you did not listen carefully to the problems they are facing. Ended up you giving them the answer that is unrelated to their problems.

So if you can listen properly to what the person is trying to tell you, it's much more easier to reach out to them through Christ.

The greatest gift we can give another person is our attention.

Here is a verse for you - James 1: 19 "... Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry."

By the way, I'm Not pointing out to anyone here ok. so RELAX la and don't be offended. It's just what came to my mind to write this post.

This is all I have to say about listening so take care.

P.S: So guys, if you've learned something here, just leave me some Comments.

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